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CARA is currently deployed on the following platforms. If your platform is not on the list, or if you need a more recent version for your platform, please contact us.
OS Stable Alpha   Old stable
Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista   1.5.5 1.7.1 2)
Linux x86 1.8.4   1.5.5 1.7.1 2)
Mac X11 ppc 1.8.4   1.2 1.5.2 2)
Mac X11 x86 1.8.4    
Mac OSX Aqua  
Sun Solaris 1.8.3   1.2 1.5.0 2)
SGI Irix R10000 1.8.3 1)   1.2 2)
1) There is an issue with the Irix window manager and Qt. Use ALT+F10 to properly scale the windows.
2) If you need the NEASY window please use one of these versions.

3) Note: the shortcuts are different. Use CTRL for context menu and SHIFT+COMMAND to zoom!

The development of CARA follows this roadmap.

The following documentation is available from here:

Also check the following links recommended and maintained by the CARA Definition Team:


Old release notes can be found here. If you need an old version of CARA, see here.

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